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Terms & Conditions

We mentioned plenty of information, guidelines, tips & rules which make a mutual agreement between you and us. Topson Plast contains various sites, links, forums, advertisements, graphics, texts, messages, content, services, etc. Everything is provided for general purposes; individuals should use such information in their responsibilities.

All providing guidelines should be agreed upon by visitors, users, providers, or individuals who register on this site. If anyone gives information about them, it will be noted that you give us rights to use such data in the future according to privacy policy terms.

When you take action, order any service, subscribe newsletter, or any other action born in this store define your trust with us. We have access to use, store or delete such information without any warnings. We take our privacy policy very seriously and hope individuals should agree with the terms & conditions.

We work under the authoritative guidance that government agencies provide. Therefore, we cannot allow everyone who visits our website under any circumstances. For people under 18 years old, robotic identification or any unwanted activities on this site via any individual should not be tolerated. We have the right to disclose your IPS, delete your data, or take action against such miss guiders.

All providing information, graphics, texts, messages, links, content, etc. have copyrights under the legal authorities.


Information We Collect



This site includes cookies, small text files that are stored on your server. It helps to identify our customers, their location & actions they take by visiting Topson Plast. This file is an alphanumeric character that locates your device, computer, browser, etc. It is a unique identification code that stores if individuals accept the button or agree with the terms & conditions. This file includes Internet protocol, device type, browser settings, specs, notifications & actions, or how you use our website. Indeed, it is a tracking technology that gives access to user’s activities, obstacles and also helps us to improve user experience.

That’s how we can monitor how often you visit our site, navigate our pages, links, graphics, images, and services. In the future, we collect those data & improve the site performance as per user compatibility.


Individuals who contact menatworkdesign professionals via call, text, or messages should be noted for future purposes. We store such communications to prevent any misleading, fraud, losses, damages, or others. In addition, our automated tools may also use such information to provide other services in the future. Safety measurement, security & misbehavior are also crucial factors behind storing these communications so that both consumers & designers work safely & securely on the platform. If any individual takes part in our surveys or feedback, it is also to be noted.

We collect records of each individual & analyze the information via tools, experts & strategies. However, every record stores under the authority’s guidelines, laws & rights of an internet site. All this information can be deleted anytime without any warnings. Topson Plast is not responsible for contacting individuals before taking any action against your given information. However, everything is stored in the system safely and cannot be available for third-party uses. We recover those communications for improving our services, identifying our faults & providing you with the best offers according to your need.

Data & Security

Topson Plast takes 100% responsibility to protect user’s information under any circumstances. We have an SSL encrypted server & a team of professionals to protect data and save it from hackers, third parties, and other unwanted activities. Still, we don’t store any sensitive information like regional thoughts, opinions, political statements, misleading words, passwords, pins, etc.

Topson Plast is an SSL encrypted site that saves from hackers and is also malware-free. Users can easily navigate our website without any obstacles. Only employees & designers of Topson Plast get access to the user’s personal data & information. They have rights, responsibilities & some limitations while using such data.

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